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I’m appearing tomorrow Tue 12 May, 730pm at the Bristol Festival of Ideas, if anyone’s around.

More info here.

Review: The New Zealand Herald, 14 March. Probing Cyburban Neurosis.

Probing cyburban neurosis 14 March 2009 New Zealand Herald Cyburbia – The Dangerous Idea That’s Changing How we live and Who we are By James Harkin Hachette, $40 Rating out of 10: 10 WHAT a fascinating book! The author is … Continue reading

Review: Sunday Times (South Africa), 15 March. The world is not flat.

A smart political review of the book from the Sunday Times in South Africa. The author concludes that the idea of the net currently tends to obscure the sources of power. I’d agree wholeheartedly. As I argue at the end … Continue reading

“Lost in Cyberspace”; Cyburbia makes front cover of The Week

This week’s edition of the British weekly news digest The Week elevates Cyburbia to its front cover, with a gloriously lurid picture of a man staring goggle-eyed into his iPhone and the strapline “Lost in Cyberspace: Is Social Networking Scrambling … Continue reading

Article in The Register, 23 Feb. “War, Web 2.0 and the fail loop.”

From Hezbollah to Twitter, a critical look what being on a continuous electronic information loop does to organisations.  Read it here.