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Review: The New Zealand Herald, 14 March. Probing Cyburban Neurosis.

Probing cyburban neurosis 14 March 2009 New Zealand Herald Cyburbia – The Dangerous Idea That’s Changing How we live and Who we are By James Harkin Hachette, $40 Rating out of 10: 10 WHAT a fascinating book! The author is … Continue reading

Review: The Scotsman, 28 Feb.

The novelist and critic Michael Pye writes an interesting review of the book here. In a generally sympathetic article, he argues that I pay too little attention to how the owners of places like Twitter and Facebook are manipulating us … Continue reading

The electronic diaspora as remainder

A good article in The Economist this week confirming my argument in the book that our networks are wholly different from our friends. While we have an average of 120 friends on Facebook, according to Facebook’s in-house sociologist Cameron Marlow, … Continue reading