“Lost in Cyberspace”; Cyburbia makes front cover of The Week

This week’s edition of the British weekly news digest The Week elevates Cyburbia to its front cover, with a gloriously lurid picture of a man staring goggle-eyed into his iPhone and the strapline “Lost in Cyberspace: Is Social Networking Scrambling Our Brains?”

The accompanying piece uses Cyburbia, and a review of the book by Charles Cumming in the Mail on Sunday, as the hook for a broader piece encompassing Susan Greenfield’s views on how online social networking might be rewiring our brains and other stuff from America. Here’s the beginning:

“All right, I admit it”, says the novelist Charles Cumming in the Mail on Sunday. “I’m a slave to Cyburbia.” This is the virtual village –  identified in a new book of the same name by the social analyst James Harkin – where people like me fritter away our lives sending messages across the ether, playing chess with people we will never meets, or dreaming up witty ‘status updates’ for our Facebook profiles.”

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