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Losing the plot. The Observer film quarterly, 22 March 2009

Stanley Kubrick’s 1956 film The Killing follows a prickly collection of gangsters as they plan to rob a racetrack of millions of dollars. The way that it follows them, however, was considered most unusual at the time. Right from the … Continue reading

Lost In The Loop: Review from DNA Sunday, India, 5 April

Lost in the loop Malvika Tegta 826 words 5 April 2009 DNA Sunday English Copyright 2009. Diligent Media Corporation Ltd. Inhabitants of cyber space essentially conform to peer opinion and willingly become nodes of loose information, argues a new book … Continue reading

Twister: The New Yorker on non-linearity, or cyber-realism

A great article in last week’s New Yorker, analysing the film-making technique of Tony Gilroy, finds most of the ingredients of cyber-realism – the puzzle, the loop, multiplicity of perspective and the tie – within Duplicity, his latest film. According … Continue reading

Cyburbia in Sydney Morning Herald, 7 Feb

Interview about Cyburbia with Debra Jopson

Contra Twitter: We all need to be in the loop.

The Times (London), Times 2 Cover Story, Wed 18 Feb.