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The full film of Adam Curtis’s experimental film It Felt Like a Kiss

Is now available here.

Take two popular new stories, one a recent Hollywood thriller and the other the work of an underground London theatre company, and discuss.

Has anyone seen Duplicity? The film stars Clive Owen and Julia Roberts as two former spies who can’t help bumping into one other. The film jumps back and forth so much, the time frame is so scrambled, that it’s impossible … Continue reading

Just back from seeing Tunnel 228, the collaboration between Punchdrunk and Kevin Spacey

It’s really interesting. Go and see it – to book, go here. As I point out in the book, Punchdrunk beat the assembled hucksters of Web 2.0 hands down. The real possibilities opened up by our relentless button-pressing lie not … Continue reading

Punchdrunk and Adam Curtis: It Felt Like a Kiss

Manchester International Festival have announced a show entitled It Felt Like A Kiss, a collaboration between the documentary-maker Adam Curtis, the theatre company Punchdrunk whose work I write about in Cyburbia, and Damon Albarn. Read more here. The show, according … Continue reading