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Caught in the net. The New Statesman, 4 May 2009

Thursday 26 March 2009, day 66 of Barack Obama’s presidency, may be remembered as the moment at which his clean-living administration went to pot. The occasion was the launch of Obama’s online town hall, Open for Questions, designed to build … Continue reading

We all need to be in the loop. The Times (London), 18 February 2009

On December 20 last year, a Boeing 737 preparing for take-off in Colorado skidded off the runway, tumbled into a ravine and injured 38 people. Just moments after the accident, while his fellow passengers sat reflecting on their good fortune … Continue reading

Take two popular new stories, one a recent Hollywood thriller and the other the work of an underground London theatre company, and discuss.

Has anyone seen Duplicity? The film stars Clive Owen and Julia Roberts as two former spies who can’t help bumping into one other. The film jumps back and forth so much, the time frame is so scrambled, that it’s impossible … Continue reading

Review: The Independent, 27 March. Invasion of the Cybermen

By the critic and author of The Play Ethic Pat Kane. Read it here.

The Ties That Don’t Bind: The problem with Facebook’s global village

A comment piece from today’s copy of The Guardian. Read it here.

Can Twittering be a Sin? Answers, please, in 140 characters.

A comment piece in tomorrow’s (UK) Independent. Read it here.