Dunblane and The Sunday Express: a response from the editor

On the subject of Dunblane and the Sunday Express, the editor of the Scottish Sunday Express Derek Lambie has just emailed me to request an interesting clarification:

“Having read your Comment piece in the Guardian, I have to point out a couple of things. First our reporter did not “inveigle” her way into a Facebook friendship with Dunblane survivors.
They were Bebo pages, and public ones at that which were simply viewed without having to befriend anyone or ask to be added to their pages.

Secondly, it’s comments like these at the moment which are making the original article we ran more hysterical and leading to unacceptable and inaccurate blogs on the Internet.”

Happy to make that clear. The original story no longer exists on the Express website, however, which makes researching the matter difficult. Does anyone else know more about this?