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Jonah Lehrer, marshmallows and the problem of self-control

The science writer Jonah Lehrer has an interesting article on self-control in next week’s issue of the New Yorker (“The Secret of Self-control”, New Yorker, May 18 2009). Lehrer rehearses the same scientific study I mentioned in Cyburbia, theĀ  famous … Continue reading

Great review of Lost in Cyburbia in Canada’s National Post on Saturday

Even if they didn’t go for the title. Read it here

Does Facebook rot our brains? A response to Baroness Greenfield

Does Facebook rot our brains, or just tabloid headlines? Earlier this week, the director of the Royal Institution Susan Greenfield was quoted as saying that social networking sites and other communication gizmos might “infantilise our brains.” Maybe, but only if … Continue reading